"I help new and struggling golfers grow their skill, shoot lower scores, and have more fun!"

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Hi, I'm Karl Doller,

your personal golf coach

Do you:

  • Need to play golf to help your career?
  • Want golf lessons on your time and within your budget?
  • Hate that you've played for a while but don't improve?
  • Want to learn the game, but not from your spouse?
  • Feel that there's a golfer inside you that just cannot seem to emerge?
  • Understand that you'll need some help learning the game?

I'm here for you!

What My Students Say...

Your first session is FREE! Simply choose the FREE option when scheduling your lesson.

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Who is Karl Doller, And Why Should You #dowhatcoachkarlsays ?

It does not feel like I've been in the golf industry for 15 years.

This has been a journey of discovery and growth. I started my golf career parking carts, worked my way into the pro shop, and on through different management opportunties. I made it all the way up to general manager of a golf resort. Golf management, which has its perks and can be a fun gig, ultimately wasn't for me. I have a talent for teaching, and it is so much more rewarding than making sure golf carts were staged for tournaments and juggling the inner-workings of a golf facility :) So, in 2015 I switched to coaching full time.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of students transform their game, and I've worked with all skill-levels and ages. I've had junior golfers become high school state champions and go on to play college golf. I've helped absolute beginners break 100. In 2022, one of my long-time students won the Utah State Senior Amateur. That was an incredible moment for him!

Being a coach and helping my students achieve their goals is so much fun.

I'm often asked about my teaching philosophy, or what methods I use. I'm a believer in learning by doing, and that practice makes permanent, so you had better practice things that are truly helpful.

As one of my students, you will get clear and simple instructions, along with purposeful practice exercises that help you grow your skill and confidence. If you are an absolute beginner, my proven system for getting started will get you into the game quickly, without bad habits. If you've played for a while and are struggling to improve, I'll use a blend of data from your ball flight, body movements, and playing statistics to guide my coaching decisions. Then, during virtual or in-person lessons, I'll help you know what your areas of focus need to be and how to work on them.

The result: You will grow your skills, shoot lower scores, and have more fun!

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Technology To Help You Learn Faster

"I've always used 3-D motion capture in my teaching. It's the best and easiest way to know what we need to work on. Using Sportsbox.ai I now have all these game-changing measuring tools on my phone; and so can you! I'll show you how this is the cheat-code to learning golf." - Coach Karl

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